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Record & Report HAZOP Studies Simply

Isograph's HAZOP+™ was designed as an aid to the HAZOP team by providing an easy method of customising, recording, managing and reporting the study. HAZOP+™ can also be used with similar hazard identification techniques.


HAZOP+ Features 


The user can add custom fields to all the main data entry sheets such as companies, personnel and sessions. In addition, they can create customized risk rankings and customize the study records by adding custom fields, selecting which fields are visible and changing the column order.

Study Data Sheet

The details of the HAZOP study are entered into the Hazop+ study data sheet. In cases where problems are identified which cannot be resolved during the study session then actions can be allocated to individuals which are documented in the Hazop+ action data sheet. The HAZOP study may include risk ranking in which the likelihood and consequence of an event are linked to a measure of risk by either a pre-defined cost or safety table or one created by the user.

Deviations or Parameters & Guide-Words

There are two equivalent methods used in a HAZOP study. In HAZOP+™ you can choose whichever suits you; deviations, parameters or guide-words. The deviation "More flow" is equivalent to the parameter "Flow" and the guide-word "More". 

Report Designer

Reporting facilities are provided by the standard Isograph Report Designer. This allows the user to create text and graph reports in a 'what you see is what you get' (WYSIWYG) environment. The WYSIWYG environment extends to allowing the user to modify report designs whilst in print preview mode.

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The HAZOP study is a detailed examination, by a group of specialists, of components within a system to determine what would happen if that component were to operate outside its normal design mode.

The effects of such behavior is then assessed and noted down on study forms. The categories of information entered on these forms can vary from industry to industry and from company to company.

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Current Users:

  • Woodside
  • ICM Group
  • Bass Metals
  • BHP Billiton
  • Alpha Safety
  • MMG Century Zinc
  • AMOG Consulting
  • OZMinerals