Process Reliability

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The Process Reliability module allows users to analyse daily production data using Weibull analysis plots. These plots identify systematic and reliability losses by recognising trends in the production data. 


The Process Reliability module allows production data to be compared from different plants or different time periods. Production data may also be transferred from simulated production profiles created from within the AvSim module. This allows production data from potential plant improvements to be compared with existing production data.

The grid in the right-hand window is used to display production data. The data will normally be daily production values but AWB does not restrict you to a particular time interval. Data may be imported using the Windows clipboard (copy and paste) or may be typed into the grid by hand. The grid representing Process set items has several columns. One column is used to specify the capacity value (the average production capacity for the day). Other columns indicate whether the data item is currently disabled, how many days were associated with the capacity level suspended at this time and the record date. 

As data items are entered into the grid, points will be plotted in the cumulative probability graph. These points represent the estimated cumulative probability values for each recorded capacity value.