Enterprise System

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The Enterprise System is a centralised database system containing project and libraries in a controlled environment with user groups and roles. 


How the Enterprise System Works

The Enterprise System is installed as part of a client installation and uses an SQL database to store all files.

Users will be able to access an installed Enterprise System if they have an Enterprise license, and will be able to check out a project for modification so long as they have the necessary permissions and later check the project back in to the system.

If they are disconnected from the network for any reason, they may check in a project at a later date. Libraries may be opened for copying data into projects or checked-out for modification. Administrators may upload non-enterprise projects into an Enterprise system and set up new projects with or without version control.



  • Controlled Access: Specify individuals or groups that you want to be able to access Enterprise files or folders
  • Centralised: All Availability Workbench files can be stored in a central database
  • Version Control: Ability to roll back to earlier versions of the same project
  • Active Directory Integration: Works with your existing infrastructure to allow or deny access