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OnePM® is an innovative Asset Strategy Management solution that acts as the thread across all systems. It allows organisations to capture and review data from all sources and leverage learnings to enhance asset strategies, by identifying pockets of strategy excellence and deploying those strategies across the organisation, wherever they are relevant.


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 With OnePM®, you will be able to: 

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Standardise and leverage optimal strategies, fast

At the core of OnePM®, sits an asset strategy library which houses reliability based tactics. These asset strategies can be updated, changed, cloned and deployed rapidly, whilst supporting regional or local variations to cater for different operational or environmental conditions. Strategy variation is visible organisation wide and all learnings drive continual improvement in the asset strategy library. Strategies can be accessed and redeployed quickly, easily and efficiently anywhere, anytime.


Achieve better benchmarking

In numerous multi-site organisations, asset strategies are not standardised across all sites, adding to the confusion between data, strategies and outcomes. These factors make it difficult to benchmark and thus compare costs and performance of like equipment across the organisation. OnePM® is a single repository that captures data from many sources and presents it in one place. OnePM® allows managers to set up benchmarks, develop and deploy the best strategies consistently, monitor KPI's and align strategies.

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Gain control over execution

Asset Managers often have no control over the deployment and execution of the strategies they develop. OnePM® gives managers the ability to ensure that standardised procedures for strategies are deployed to all assets, at all sites, and to make certain that any modifications to procedures go through an approval process first.


Future-proof against personnel changes

When changeover takes place among maintenance, reliability and project engineering personnel, quality and consistency issues can arise. OnePM® provides standardisation over the long term regardless of personnel changes because baseline strategies are deployed and monitored according to standards and quality assurance rules. Rationale for each strategy decision is stored and can be improved or changed as business needs change.

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Seamless Integration with your Systems

Time is money. The sooner an asset strategy can be developed and deployed, the better. OnePM® was designed to do just that. It integrates with an organisation's existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and CMMS for easy, efficient and rapid deployment.


"Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal has worked with ARMS Reliability since the early 2000s. We have always been very impressed with the solutions they present, and were very keen to give OnePM a go. During the trial period, OnePM more than proved itself. The platform provides complete transparency and accountability into asset strategy management, and is helping us to save time and money."

Lindsey Wiggins, Senior Reliability Engineer, Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal


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