Asset Strategy Management

Whilst most organisations understand the key elements that underpin a sound reliability program, the reality is many find managing reliability well a challenge. Whether it's resource constraints, lack of experience and skill, proliferation of tools and processes or reactive vs. proactive behaviour, the results are the same. Focus is on execution at the expense of strategy and sub-optimal or inconsistent strategies are executed, leading to variable results, continued under performance, and significant failures and outages.

Do any of these problems sound familiar?

  • Assets keep failing. On different sites, the same equipment keeps failing for the same reasons.
  • Corporate confusion.  It's hard for corporate managers to gain visibility on who is changing a maintenance strategy and why.
  • Wasted effort. Time is wasted developing maintenance strategies for new assets when proven strategies already exist within the organisation.
  • Lack of auditing. Either due to resources or inability, there has never been an audit of the maintenance strategy.
  • No change management. Lack of formal method, strategy, process or record to manage strategy changes.

Asset Strategy Management (ASM) is a holistic, consistent and standardised approach to managing your asset strategies, organisation-wide. Physical assets and independent plants/sites are connected to a central system, allowing you to effectively develop, implement, maintain and optimise asset strategies. Implementing an ASM program ensures that optimal strategies are always deployed, quickly and efficiently, resulting in the reduction of failures, downtime and risk, and as a consequence, a lower cost of operations. 


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Find out how you can connect your asset strategies to your physical assets and maintain compliance, leverage excellence, and improve performance by ensuring the optimal strategies are deployed on every asset, all the time.



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