C55 Asset Investment Planning & Management Solutions

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Copperleaf's C55 Asset Investment & Planning Solution is highly modular, and can be configured to meet a variety of customer needs. The following predefined configurations reflect the different ways customers may choose to adopt and implement C55. Additional modules and options can be added to implement the full set of functionality over time.

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C55 Investment Lifecycle Management Solution 


Establish a robust stage gate process to create and manage investments through their full lifecycle

  • Capture detailed business cases for all proposed investments, including costs, milestones, benefits and alternatives
  • Ensure all investments are developed with the same process and rigor, using the same set of financial assumptions
  • Implement automated workflows to ensure necessary approvals are obtained as projects evolve from inception through execution

Investment Decision Optimization Solution 

IDO-Solution Optimize portfolios to identify the best combination of investments and timing that will provide maximum value to your organization

  • Evaluate multiple alternatives for each proposed investment, and determine which projects to execute and when, based on the value they contribute
  • Use "what-if" scenarios to assess the impact of different financial, timing and resource constraints
  • Create asset investment plans that are clearly aligned with corporate strategy, objectives and constraints
Includes the following modules:
  • Investment Lifecycle Management
  • Value & Risk Modeling
  • Investment Portfolio Optimization

Asset Investment Planning & Management Solution 


Make informed investment decisions that maximize performance, optimize spend, and minimize exposure to risk 

  • Identify optimal funding levels to balance risk, benefits, and future investment needs
  • Determine the long-term sustainment needs of your asset base and develop long-term investment plans to effectively manage risk
  • Implement a continuous planning methodology where performance is continually managed to drive the greatest value to the organization

The complete solution which includes all modules:

  • Investment Lifecycle Management
  • Value & Risk Modeling
  • Investment Portfolio Optimization
  • Performance Management
  • Asset Aware Investments
  • Predictive Analytics 

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