Asset Investment Planning Management


Make Higher Value Decisions. Improve Performance. Manage Risk


Are you making the best investment decisions in your critical infrastructure? 

Assets are aging and budgets are tight, yet expectations are higher than ever. Copperleaf's decision analytics solutions empower businesses to make strategic investment decisions with confidence.

  • Direct your available funding and resources to the things that deliver the most value to your business
  • Understand the risk profile associated with your asset portfolio and how this will change over time
  • Demonstrate the business consequences of reducing - or increasing - your capital investment or maintenance budgets over the next five years
  • Justify your planned asset expenditures to external stakeholders
  • Identify which projects to defer when there are funding or cash flow constraints

Asset Investment Planning and Management (AIPM) is a best practice in asset management that embodies the key principles of ISO 55000 and empowers businesses to make the highest value investment decisions.

Aligned with the ISO 55000 standard for asset management, AIPM can help you:

  • Predict the long-term needs of you asset base
  • Optimize portfolios of investments to realize the greatest value from assets-while honouring all resource and timing constraints
  • Manage portfolios to achieve the highest execution performance

Copperleaf C55: Asset Investment Planning & Management


Copperleaf C55 is a powerful AIPM software solution that leverages operational financial and asset data to empower organisations like yours to make investment decisions that deliver the highest business value. 

Learn more about C55 AIPM Solutions 


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